Some of our most Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do the pieces hold down and keep from sliding as you play?
    • Luktoyz modular jump pieces do not currently contain any fastening devices due to the many different possible applications.  See our Assembly and Use section for creative ways to fasten them to a number of different surfaces.
  • Why is the MOTO Kit so expensive?
    • Each piece of every MOTO Kit is formed, trimmed, and painted by hand in the United States.  This and the addition of foam sponsor blocks and decals make this kit very cool and unique, but also pushes the price a bit higher than you may find in your local toy isle.
  • Do I stick all those decals to the foam and then to the jump pieces?
    • Currently, Yes.  You can leave them out completely if you prefer (and we strongly suggest you do if toddlers will be present) but Luktoyz feels that they are worth the time and effort to build and apply.  See our Assembly and Use section for helpful tips on doing this.